Projector for Projection Mappingkeystone correctionprojector, mapping,At least 5000 lumen, good throw distance, means flexible for near and far projection
Keystone correctionadjust distortion
Projector mapping softwareResolute, MadMapprr
if you don't heal what hurts you, you'll bleed on people who didn't hurt you.Phrase, analogy
projector contrast ratioprojection mapping - (10000:1+) Minimum | 50000:1 is the best
UI DesignRedesign mobile app UI of a given brand. (KFC)dasein, ddm
Multimedia Authoring 2Create a Mobile game.Donut temple run, maze
Web PublishingCreate a website based on an artist styleKenya Hara
TypographyTypography for a portfolio/brand websitebranding, websiteLink with Visual Communication
Visual CommunicationDesign vector artwork for poster/webUI/UXApply UI/UX, Link with Typography
Web ApplicationPhP MySQL