Shortcut List

Add additional point on Time RemappingCtrl+Left click on the line
Adjust clip volumeRight click > Audio Gain
Adjust your clip time/frame without changing the duration of the clip.YSlip Tool
Advance/Play ForwardLAdvance Slower--Shift+L
Center AlignmentCtrl+Shift+C
Copy and Pasting AttributesCtrl+Alt+VCmd+Opt+V
Create Crossfade on selected In-betweensShift+Ctrl+DShift+Cmd+D
Decrease Font Size by Five UnitCtrl+Alt+Shift+Left
Decrease Font Size by One UnitCtrl+Alt+Left
Decrease Leading by Five UnitsAlt+Shift+Down
Decrease Leading by One UnitAlt+Down
Decrease/Increase Clip Volume[ or ]
Decrease/Increase Clip Volume (More)Shift+[ or Shift+]
Drag copy a clipAlt+dragOpt+Left click & drag
Expand All Tracks (Vertical)Shift+=
Export FrameCtrl+Shift+E
Fade In/Out & Cross DissolveRight click on In/Out point of clip > Apply Dissolve Transition
Fast ForwardTap L multiple times
Go to next edit pointDown
Go to next edit point on any trackShift+Down
Go to previous edit pointUp
Go to previous edit point on any trackShift+Up
Go to Selected Clip EndShift+End
Go to Selected Clip StartShift+Home
Go to Sequence--Clip EndEnd
Go to Sequence--Clip StartHome
Go to the exact frame of the source clip your playhead is over.F
Hand Tool - Move around timelineH+drag
Minimize All Tracks. (Vertical)Shift+-
Move your trim point while moving one of the clipU + Drag your cut pointSlide Tool
Play Around-- Play few seconds and move back to playhead positionShift+K
Play In to OutCtrl+Shift+Space
Pull and stretch clip to speed up/down your footage.RRate Stretch ToolUse Right Click > Speed Duration for more precision
Push everything to the leftShift + A > drag (Track select backward tool)
Push everything to the rightA > Left click & drag (Track select forward tool)
Razor Tool/CutC+Left click
Reposition/Move your trim/cut point.N + Drag your cut pointRolling Edit Tool
RewindJRewind Slower--Shift+J
Rewind FasterTap J multiple times
Scale to Frame SizeRight Click ClipFit & rasterise your footage/clip into sequence size. Quality will drop if you scale the footage up again.
Select Next ClipCtrl+Down
Select Previous ClipCtrl+Up
Selection ToolV
Set In and Out points on Highlighted ClipsHighlight you entire clips > Press ?
Set to Frame SizeRight Click ClipFit your footage/clip according to the sequence size.

Set to Frame Size can retain more quality than Scale to Frame Size.
Show/Modify Keyboard Shortcuts LayoutCtrl+Alt+K
Snapping ToolS
Split layer on playheadCtrl+KCmd+K
Step Back/Forward 1 FrameLeft/Right
Step Back/Forward Many FrameShift+Left/Right
Time Remapping ToolRight click > Show Clip Keyframes > Time Remapping > Speed

Drag the horizontal line upwards to speed up.
Toggle Fullscreen on Program WindowCtrl+`
Toggle Selection All Audio LayersCtrl+9
Toggle Selection All Video LayersCtrl+0
Trim and Cut everything on the left of clipShift+Q
Trim and Cut everything on the right of clipShift+W
Trim Backward/ForwardCtrl+Left/Right
Trim Backward/Forward ManyShift+Ctrl+Left/Right
Trim clip and force other clips to move towards the trimmed directionBRipple Edit Tool