Adobe Illustrator CC | Tutorial

About Course

In this course, you will learn the essentials of Adobe Illustrator CC, the industry-standard vector software. Covering all essential tools and techniques to create awesome vector art.

Disclaimer: These tutorial videos have been created and compiled solely for educational purposes only. Please refrain from engaging in any form of theft or resale for personal gain.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basic tools of Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Introduction to Color, Fill & Stroke
  • Introduction to layer and working with images
  • Learn how to edit and position object
  • Learn how to transform shapes
  • Introduction to Masking techniques
  • Editing and modifying Type and Text
  • Create complex graphic efficiently
  • Drawing Vector Art

Course Content

01. Introduction & Pen Tool
Get started with the essential skills of Adobe Illustrator.

02. Transforming
Discover various techniques to transform shapes.

03. Pathfinder & Align
Create complicate shapes quickly using Pathfinder.

04. Blend Tool & Masking
Introduction to Blend Tool and Masking techniques.

05. Text & Layout
Working with Type/Text and setting up margin.

06. Bleed & Tabs Ruler
Set up Bleed, and create custom spacing and set alignment using Tabs Ruler

07. Mesh Tool & Manual Trace
Draw vector artwork using Mesh Tool & Manual Tracing technique.

08. Appearance Panel
Create multiple fill and strokes within a single shape.

09. Creating 3D Graphics
Create 3D Graphics and map texture or logo using the 3D Tools in Adobe Illustrator.

10. Create Repetitive Pattern
Create repetitions of your graphic using Pattern or Scatter Brush and the Repeat function.