If you haven’t read the post on Crafting Story With Music, feel free to check out that post first.

A good music/soundtrack are the ones that aid the storytelling of the film, instead of just filling in for the sake of having a music/soundtrack.

Example 01

Here’s a 3-Act-Structure diagram embedded with a piece of classical music (C Major Prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach).
Try to listen and pay attention to the story progression of the music throughout the 3-Act-Structure.

Example 02

Here’s a 3-Act-Structure diagram embedded with the soundtrack for Joker’s Teaser Trailer (Original teaser trailer attached below)

A recomposed version of Smile by Jimmy Durante. The soundtrack was originally composed by Charlie Chaplin.

Original Teaser Trailer for JOKER. It’s one of the most beautifully crafted trailers and my all-time favourite.

More examples will be added soon.