Windows > Pathfinder

Pathfinder effects let you combine multiple objects using interaction modes.

Shape Modes create new polygons of a single colour.

Pathfinders break existing shapes into distinct paths using the colours of the original objects.


Combine multiple shapes into one single shape.

Minus Front

Use the front shape to cut the bottom shapes. The front shape will be removed.


Leave only the parts that are overlapping.


Opposite of Intersect. Remove only the parts that are overlapping.


Slice up every shape that’s overlapping into individual pieces.


Similar to divide, but only slice the overlapping shapes that are visible.


Similar to Unite, but it will only merge the shapes with the same colour.


Similar to Clipping Mask. Use the front object as a Frame, and show only the shape(s) that’s beneath the Frame.


Similar to Divide, but only leave outlines.

Minus Back

Similar to Minus Front, but it will remove the shapes at the back.