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The Role of A.I in Creative Education

The Role of A.I in Creative Education

As a representative of Dasein Academy of Art’s digital media department, I shared insights alongside my students, reflecting on the intricate relationship between technology and creativity.

Draw A Leaf | Speed Art

Draw A Leaf | Speed Art

Draw a leaf using Pen Tool, Mesh Tool with Feather & Gaussian Blur effect in Adobe Illustrator CC. A timelapse from a demo session using the Line Art drawn by students.

Rotate Tool

Rotate Tool

Use the Rotate Tool to change the rotation point of a shape, and duplicate shapes around a circle.


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Kheng Wai

Lecturer | 3D Generalist | Motion Designer

Having grown up with the evolution of communication and technology, I bring a unique perspective to my role as a mentor for the next generation of creative talent. I’m all about embracing the wild world of technology to ignite creativity and education.

My mission is to inspire and mold the minds of the students, equipping them with the creative skills
and knowledge they need to solve problems and thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving creative industry.